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How Do I Start My Work with ICMIZER?
How Do I Start My Work with ICMIZER?
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ICMIZER is a professional poker calculator that provides a fast and efficient way to find optimal in most late game tournament situations.

In order to get ICMIZER up and running, you need to do the following:

2) Download the ICMIZER client from here:

3) Log in and start using ICMIZER 3!

While we worked hard to make ICMIZER easy and intuitive to use, some important underlying concepts can easily be missed. At the same time, your understanding of our tool will be an important factor in your improvement as a poker player.

Because of this, we strongly recommend to all new players pass our tutorials, watch our video tutorials, and read articles that demonstrate how to use ICMIZER to review different tournament spots:

  1. Watch the video tutorial on ICMIZER and learn everything you need to know to start improving your game efficiently with ICMIZER.

  2. Pass our tutorials:

    These tutorials will help you understand the ICMIZER interface and ensure that you're using it correctly and getting the best results.

  3. Watch the video "The Art of Push/Fold."

  4. Read the article "How to Review MTT Bubble Hands."

  5. Read the article "Creating Custom Tournaments."

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