What is the FGS Model?
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FGS (Future Game Simulations) is a model based on the ICM model, which is designed without most of the well-known limitations of the ICM model. To name a few, FGS takes into account posting the blinds in the upcoming hands and the positions of the players at the table.

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Currently, ICMIZER 3 allows using the FGS model with depths 1 through 6.

With FGS 2, it looks 2 hands ahead; with FGS 1, it looks only 1 hand ahead, so it is faster.

The recommended depth setting is the number of players at the table minus one, making it FGS5 for 3 players, FGS3 for 4 players, and FGS4 for 5 players. With more players at the table, FGS model becomes very slow, so not all FGS depths become available.

The recommended setting is at least FGS2 for situations with more than 5 players.

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