How to create a request to technical support

We are adding frequent questions to our Knowledge base. Perhaps, the answer to your question is already available.

That's why we recommend you first to try to find an answer in our Knowledge Base before contacting the support team:

1. To find the information you need type keywords into the search bar located above the article dashboard;

2. Check out the solutions for frequently asked technical questions in the section technical support.

You can also get support in our 2+2 forum poker software support thread:

This is the best place to ask some general questions about using ICMIZER 2. This isn't the best place to ask questions about orders or subscription status, for that we recommend using our support email.

If you don't find the answer to your question anywhere, send an email to us at

It would be great if you specify the problem in the subject line like:

If you wish to get your problem resolved asap it would be very valuable if the email will include:

  1. A screenshot of the error, if the issue is with the work of ICMIZER, SNG Coach, or Replayer. For this you can use the "Screenshot" button in the ICMIZER menu.
  2. A video (using your smartphone or camtasia), if something strange is related to behavior of software. Often recording and showing the weird behavior is much more efficient than describing it.
  3. Text of the hand history, if an error occurs with a specific hand history format. Use the function “Share this result" on the results screen, if possible, so we can see the exact hand or situation where the problem occurred.
Once we receive your email, we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

We usually do not respond on Saturday or Sunday, except some extreme cases. So please be patient If you need support during the weekend, we will most likely respond on Monday.

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