Microsoft Silverlight plug-in doesn't work

Make sure that the Silverlight plug-in is installed correctly.

It can be downloaded here:

How to check that the problem is in ICMIZER 2 and not in Silverlight:

Go to the page with the demo of Silverlight's possibilities (when you launch Silverlight for the first time your web browser will request the permission to run the plug-in. We recommend you choose the item that permits to run Silverlight at any time).

If you see video samples on the site page, it means that Silverlight works normally and the problem is in ICMIZER.

If you see the gray screen on the site page it means that you have problems with Silverlight.

In that case, we recommend you follow these steps:

1. Update Silverlight to the newest version. Delete Microsoft Silverlight from your computer and then install it again.

2. Restart your computer.

Usually it helps to solve the problem. If not, check the following:

1. You uninstalled all old versions of Silverlight.

2. You use the new version of Silverlight.

3. Your operating system and web browser are compatible with Silverlight.

Attention: Google Chrome stopped supporting the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in, which is required for ICMIZER 2.

We recommend you to use other Web browsers which are compatible with Silverlight plug in:

  • For Windows OS users: Internet Explorer (note that Microsoft Edge doesn't support Silverlight)
  • For Mac OS users: Safari

How to clean a corrupted Silverlight installation and then reinstall Silverlight (only for Windows)

If after all steps you still have a problem with Silverlight, it means that the current version of Silverlight is corrupted or the previous version of Silverlight wasn't uninstalled completely.

In some situations the problem can be solved only with special program that helps to uninstall Silverlight completely.

Here you can download this program.

Follow the instructions on the site to use the program properly.

If the deleting and reinstalling Silverlight didn't solve your problem, send the request to our support team. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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