How to calculate the correct ranges for the 3-bet all-in re-steal in HU SNG

Many players want to learn to re-steal mathematically correct in the HU SNG and especially in the hyper-Turbo. In the article "Analyzing 3bet resteals in heads up sit and go" you can learn how to analyze the preflop situations in heads-up tournaments.

What is a Spin & Go tournament? How do you develop a winning strategy?

The Spin & Go tournaments are well advertised and attract a lot of recreational players.

If we exclude the jackpot of 3600 buy-ins which drops down once per 100,000,000 tournaments, the rake of 5% or 6.2% at higher stakes makes these tournaments attractive for professional poker players.

However, if you wouldn't play an infinite number of Spin & Go tournaments, your rake will be 5% only in theory. In reality, this percentage will be higher if you're unlucky, or lower if you are lucky. You can spend a lot of time, but actual winnings will never match with the theoretical mathematical expectation.

Your advantage is ICMIZER 2, with which you can learn the Spin & Go strategy and improve your game results.

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The Analysis of complex the push-or-fold tournament situations

In terms of finding the right push range, different tournament situations can have different complexity.

What could we do to understand, should we push that hand or fold it?

You have to upload the situation in ICMIZER, then assign expected ranges to your opponents, then click the button "Calculate" and find out the answer.

The problem is that the exact prediction of the call range for one of the opponents is impossible. In this prediction, we usually rely on three things: our experience, the view of Nash equilibrium ranges, and good luck.

In the context of this article we call complex those situations where the role of luck in predicting is significantly higher than in typical tournament situations.

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How much equity do you need for a profitable call?

How much equity do I need to call? This is a frequent question in various situations and at various stages of the tournament. In the article "How much equity do you need for a profitable call?" you can find formulas for calculating the required equity and the analysis of frequently encountered errors.

ICM calculations in multi-table tournaments

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