What are ICMIZER 2 tools and who needs them?

ICMIZER 2 contains three tools for poker tournament players that will help you to improve the effectiveness of your game.

  • ICMIZER is the powerful poker calculator. It helps to find the right solution for SNG and MTT tournaments with an improved interface. Learn more about ICMIZER.

  • SNG Coach is the personal push-or-fold trainer. It helps to pump your push-or-fold skills up quickly and efficiently. Available 24/7. Learn more about SNG Coach.

  • Replayer is the hands player with easy navigation and the ability to instantly send deals to the preflop calculator and track the change of equity through the streets. Learn more about the Replayer.

ICMIZER 2 can be used to analyze the push-or-fold strategy in a cash game, but you have to enter the hands manually because we don’t support loading of text distributions from cash games at this time.

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ICMIZER, SNG Coach, and Replayer functionality

Take a look at the functionality of ICMIZER 2 tools:

Read the article "ICMIZER 2: The Software for Winning Big in Online Poker"

to learn how ICMIZER 2 helps players to win more and play better in modern poker tournaments.

Basic ICM calculator

Free basic ICM calculator is the poker calculator to calculate equities at the MTT final tables.

ICM stands for Independent Chip Model. It helps to track the change of chips value during the game at the final table. But ICM equities are distributed differently than on pure stack size and short stacks get a bigger share.

Read more about ICM model.

Can I use ICMIZER 2 and PokerStars simultaneously?

ICMIZER 2 tools are designed for parsing games AFTER the game session and belong to the category of software, officially authorized for use ONLY when the PokerStars account is closed.

PokerStars announced new rules of third-party software usage in August 2015, but they have not touched the ICMIZER 2 toolkit.

Everything is very simple:

You work with tools ICMIZER 2, close them, and then open the customer showroom and demonstrate all the new level of the game.