How to create an account

To register, go to the registration page and follow these steps:

  1. Enter your email and push the button "GO"
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  2. If you see the message "Email is already registered", you can go to the login page and enter the site. In case you forgot your password, use Password recovery service.

  3. Find a letter from with the topic “ICMIZER: confirm your registration” in your inbox. (Check "Spam" folder if you don't see it in "Inbox").
  4. Push the button "Activate <your email>" in the letter.

  5. Enter your username and password (two times) and push the button "Create an account".
  6. You'll see a message that you are successfully registered and will be forwarded to the page with a free trial of ICMIZER 2.Now you can start your work with ICMIZER 2!
  7. After your successful registration you'll receive one more letter which confirms it. In a part "Training" you can find some free lessons about the work with ICMIZER 2.Edit

  8. If you're looking for more information read Basic training lessons and Professional training lessons.

I have not received a confirmation letter

Check the the mail folder "Spam". Perhaps the confirmation letter is there.

If you didn't find the letter, try to enter the email on the registration page again, or use a different email address.

Also read the detailed instruction How to create an account.

If you didn't find an answer to your question, please send a request to technical support service. We will contact you as soon as possible.