How to allow Silverlight to access Clipboard? What to do if ICMIZER doesn't remember password?

When you try to copy or paste text to ICMIZER 2 (in the form of ranges or hand histories) you will be prompted to allow it to access clipboard. If you choose NO it will remember the choice till you change that setting in Silverlight configuration menu.

To do that, do the following:

1. Right click on ICMIZER 2 and choose Silverlight in the popup menu

2. Navigate to Permissions tab. There make sure to Allow clipboard access to our domain

After this operation ICMIZER 2 and Silverlight will be able to access clipboard and you will be able to load hand histories copied in text form.

If the remember password function isn't working

Navigate to Application Storage tab and make sure that it is allowed

Why are the ranges different when I use Calculate Nash equilibrium and the Calculate buttons?

The two buttons perform different operations, so the difference in results is normal

1) Calculate Nash ranges button will find an approximate nash equilibrium solution for all players using pure strategies. Pure strategies mean that in player ranges the hand is either played or not. Mixed strategies could use a hand a % of the time different from 0 or 100.
With that said a precise Nash equilibrium with pure strategies almost never exists.

2) The Calculate button works completely different. It fixes all opponent ranges right where they are and calculates one range for hero given the situation. Since Nash equilibrium was an approximation, this precise result will almost always be somewhat different. In some special cases it can be significantly different, it would mean that situation is difficult and unstable.

We have an article where I explain this effect in more detail:

ICMIZER 2 shows an error. What should I do?

To help you, we need to understand what kind of error has happened in the system. Email a screenshot of the error to with the description of the problem. We will contact you as soon as possible.

If an error occurs in the particular hand, please attach to your letter the file with the hand history text.

Use the function “Share this result on the results screen” when possible, so we can see the exact hand or situation where the problem occurred.

I found an error in ICMIZER, SNG Coach, or Replayer. How do I send a bug report?

To check if there is an error, we need to know what steps you took before all went wrong in your opinion.

Send an email to with the subject "Error in calculation" and attach:

  1. The description of the sequence of your actions, so we can get the same result as you
  2. The description of the calculation discrepancies
  3. Screenshots that show the error
Use the function “Share this result on the results screen” if possible, so we can see the exact hand or situation where the problem occurred.

I can't import the hand history text in ICMIZER. What should I do?

Send an email to with the subject "Can't import hand history" and attach to it the text of the hand history (preferably as a file in order not to lose the exact text formatting)

Also, please let us know what room is that (for example PokerStars, 888, etc.) because sometimes it's not clear from the text of the hand history.

Use the function “Share this result" on the results screen if possible, so we can see the exact hand or situation where the problem occurred.

I performed calculations manually (or using another tool). Can you check them?

We don't check manual calculations. Actually, we created ICMIZER to avoid really complicated manual calculations which may take a few hours even for simple situations.

We permanently control ICMIZER results. That's why we believe in their quality.

Of course, if you are sure that you found an error in calculations, we'll consider it. Please, make a detailed bug request to let us quickly understand if the error is in our or in your calculations.

To discuss your calculations, we recommend you to use any poker forum where poker theory is discussed.