Understanding Edit Ranges Mode
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Classic 6-max Sit'n'Go, 65/35 payouts
50/100 blinds, 3 player

BTN: 3,200
Hero (SB): 3,400
BB: 2,400

Preflop: Hero is SB with 99
BTN raises to 3,200 and is all-in, Hero ?

Set up this hand in ICMIZER (step 1), as we've explained in the previous section. At this hand history, FGS depth needs to be set to 5 because it's a recommended value for 3 players.

Let's get and interpret the results. Click ❶ ICMIZE to find the optimal strategy versus opponents who play optimally looks like.

We see that Hero's optimal calling range is calculated as 2.2%, and his profit with 99 call is -4.63% of the prize pool.

Let's imagine that the player on BTN is playing more hands than his optimal range, and his pushing range is 30%. So, we need to change his pushing range from 13% to 30%. Open the range editor of the player on BTN, as we've explained in previous sections, and change it to 30%.

Close the range editor by clicking on the cross button, and you will see ICMIZER's "Edit ranges mode".

In this mode, there are locked ranges and temporary ranges. Locked ranges are the ranges that you have edited.

The left-click on the player's range makes ICMIZER find the best response range for the player against locked and temporary ranges. You can click with the left mouse button on any temporary range and get the best response range for the player against all other current ranges.

The locked "ICMIZE" calculates optimal ranges against locked ranges for all players who had non-locked ranges.

When you reset locks, ICMIZER goes in the temporary mode where all ranges are temporary.

In this mode, ICMIZER 3 works in pretty much the same way as ICMIZER 2 did. You can't say if temporary ranges are relevant for a given situation or not, except for the best response range that is always optimal. In the temporary mode, a blue range may indicate anything. It can be a Nash range, or it can be a trash range, you really can't know.

In the temporary mode, you can click on each range to get the best response range for it.

To return ranges to optimal ranges for all players, you need to click on the "Reset locks" button and click on "ICMIZE".

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