Before reviewing a hand in ICMIZER, pasting a hand from the clipboard, or importing your hand history file, you need to specify the correct structure of the tournament that matches the situation in your hand by using the tournament selector window.

When you are choosing a tournament there, it is essential to correctly select its payout structure and the existence of a bounty (regular tournaments, tournaments with bounties, and progressive bounties). The rest of the data ICMIZER takes from the loaded hand history file (blind levels, number of players at the table, etc.). Other types of data do not affect the calculation, such as the growth rate of blinds in the tournament - regular, turbo, hyper, or blinds steps (unless you are using the FGS model with advanced increased blind level parameter).

ICMIZER already has a preloaded list of the most popular tournament structures. If you can't find your tournament in our predefined list, you need to create a new tournament by using the Create New button and the Create Tournament dialog. This is important for most MTTs & live tournaments because we simply cannot have everything available in this list.

To create a new tournament:

1. Open the ICMIZER tournament selector window and click on the Create New button.

2. Name your custom tournament in the Name text box.

3. Choose the tournament's size (single table SNG, several tables MTTSNG or MTT) and speed (Normal, Turbo, or Hyper).

4. Choose from the list a poker network where the tournament takes place. The created tournament will be stored in the corresponding category.

5. If the tournament has knockouts, check the Knockout checkbox for simple bounties (they remain the same for the duration of the whole tournament), and the Progressive checkbox if knockouts are progressive (the reward changes during the tournament).

6. Set the tournament's payouts. You can set payout amounts as money or as percentages. The recommended approach is Money.

To set the same payout for several players, first set the amount of payout, and then specify the number of players that get this payout (the payout zone size).

Here we've specified that players from 10th to 15th position get 1$ each, and the zone size is 6.

7. After you make sure that everything is entered correctly for your custom tournament, click on the Create button.

All created tournaments are saved in the tournament selector window, and you can choose any of them from the list.

To delete a custom tournament from the list, hold a cursor over the custom tourney and click on the Delete button.

Remember that a different payout structure usually leads to a very different optimal strategy, so choosing the correct tournament is mandatory for the efficient use of ICMIZER.

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