When you purchase the subscription to ICMIZER you receive one license activation key. The key can be activated once on any account without an active subscription, so you can utilize it for your account or send it to your friend as a gift so they can activate it on their account.

After the activation, the key and the underlying subscription connect to this account and the activation key cannot be used anymore.

The owner of the account on which the key was activated is granted a personal license to use ICMIZER.

You can use ICMIZER 3 from any computer you own. For example, it can be used with a notebook and a desktop computer.

Simply log in to the account on which the key was activated in order to get full access to ICMIZER features.

The chief rule: Your account is personal and providing access to your account to other people is forbidden.

Please also refer to this article: How many people/computers can work with one subscription to ICMIZER 3.

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