What is the Auto-renewal for the Subscription?
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ICMIZER subscription is renewed automatically.

This process can be canceled after the purchase from the subscription page with the use of the Manage subscription button.

How to cancel the auto-renewal of the ICMIZER subscription?

To cancel the auto-renewal of your subscription:

1. Open ICMIZER 3 desktop application or log in to your account and go to the page of the ICMIZER 3 web application.

2. In the upper menu of ICMIZER 3, open the "Subscription" menu:

3. Click the "Manage subscription" button on the Subscription page.

4. You will see the following message:

5. To cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription, click "Cancel automatic renewal" and follow the instructions on the next screen.

If you cancel the auto-renewal of the subscription you already paid for, it wouldn’t be terminated. When it expires, your access will be terminated.

ATTENTION: You can't restore the subscription's auto-renewal after you cancel it. In that case, you have to wait until your subscription expires and purchase a new subscription manually.

Can I cancel the auto-renewal of my subscription and pay manually?

Yes, you can cancel the auto-renewal of your subscription right after purchase. When the paid period expires, you can buy a new subscription and unsubscribe again, repeating the entire process indefinitely.

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