If you activated a 7-day free trial, you don't need to activate the key – the subscription will be activated automatically for your account.

To activate your paid ICMIZER subscription:

1. Register on the website and/or open/download ICMIZER 3 desktop application or log in to your account and go to the page of the ICMIZER 3 web application.

2. In the upper menu of ICMIZER 3, open the "Subscription" menu:

3. Enter the activation key that you received by email after the purchase in the empty field. If you have already copied the activation key, you can click the button "Paste". Then click "Activate key". It is recommended to copy/paste the key in order to avoid potential typos instead of manually entering it via the keyboard.

4. After activation, you can start improving your game in the preflop calculator ICMIZER 3 without the FREE account's restrictions.

Now on the subscription page, you will see your subscription information.

If you activated the subscription to ICMIZER 3 BASIC, you would see the following screen:

If you activated the subscription to ICMIZER 3 PRO, you would see the following screen:

You can start working in the preflop calculator ICMIZER without the FREE account's restrictions, use the hands player Replayer, and work with the push-or-fold trainer MTT Coach with a limit of 120 questions per day.

The subscription activation consists of two major steps:

  1. The activation of the subscription. The subscription is activated immediately after the purchase of the desired subscription is complete. The Activation Key gets sent, and the beginning of the subscription period is the day of the purchase. So it makes sense to activate the key as soon as the order is complete because the subscription time is running regardless of the key activation status.

  2. Connecting the activated subscription to the ICMIZER account. You can purchase a subscription for yourself or your friend. The purchased key has to be connected to the ICMIZER account.

Example: You purchased a monthly subscription on 05 October 2017. This is the 1st step.
The subscription period begins and is valid until 05 November 2017. You were busy and only activated the subscription key on your account on 09 October 2017.
This means that you completed the 2nd step and connected the subscription to your account. However, your license is still valid until 05 November 2017.


  • You can purchase two or more subscriptions on ICMIZER (one for yourself and the other for your friends) and have them active at the same time.

  • Buying multiple subscriptions for yourself doesn't make a lot of sense because they all will start and expire on the same dates. Instead, buy one now, and when it's about to expire, renew it (either manually or automatically).

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