How Can I Recover My Password?
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To recover your password, please use the password recovery service.

If you remember the email address specified at registration, enter it and click "REQUEST":

After clicking the "REQUEST" button you will receive an email with a new password and a special link to activate the new password.

If you have entered an incorrect email you will get the "An error has occurred" message. It may indicate that we were not able to find such an email in our database. Perhaps your account was registered using a different email?

If you have entered the correct email you will get the "New password has been sent to <email>" message:

ATTENTION: Only after you click the special link in this email the new password will become activated; mere requesting a new password doesn't change the password immediately. Example of such an email:

If you remember the username specified at registration but don't remember the email address, you can send your request to us at [email protected] with the subject "Recover my email by username". Please write your username in the email.

If you don't remember both your username and your email, it may make sense to simply create a new account.

ICMIZER account username is bound to the email which was used during the sign-up process. We can find your username by the related email and vice versa. But if you don't remember them both, we won't be able to recover your password. We also won't be able to recover your password if you have lost access to the email that is bound to your ICMIZER account.

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