SNG Coach is a personal training tool that allows you to train in a form of the game with the complexity, suitable for you. Training with the SNG Coach along with the hand analysis in the preflop calculator ICMIZER will significantly increase the effect of learning strategies for poker tournaments and allow you to go up to the higher limits.

In addition, the SNG Coach allows you to get an objective assessment of your knowledge about the preflop by categories and game phases.

These are the categories or dimensions in which it is important to assess your level of the preflop play: tournament type, situation type (like "Open push" or "Call all-in"), the size of the relative stack of the hero and the number of players remaining at the table.

When you can see the detailed, objective assessment of your skills, you can easily find out:

  • Your weak sides which you want to improve foremost
  • Your strong sides in which you already have excellent skills. Today they give you an advantage in the game. You can hold over their elaboration until your weak skills are not at the same level.

How quickly you will chase the highest level of your skills depends on the way you learn. You can study in real games with or without a coach, but the process will go much faster and will be more efficient if you train with the smart push-or-fold machine without the risk of losing anything and having enough time for thinking.

Learn more details in the article "Pump up your push/fold muscles the smart way"

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