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I use the Preflop Calculator ICMIZER. Why Do I Need MTT Coach?
I use the Preflop Calculator ICMIZER. Why Do I Need MTT Coach?
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MTT Coach – let this push/fold instructor personally train you in the different preflop situations, with a game-like user experience and fun FGS or ICM quizzes. Finally you will get answers to questions like “What area of my game should I focus on the most?” and “How do I improve it quickly?”

MTT Coach evaluates your current player level in a range of areas and tells you which ones need the most improvement. You can also see your progress compared to thousands of other players in this global leaderboard.

For every training, MTT Coach uses smart algorithms to generate realistic hand situations that you may face in the selected type of tournament. For the generated setup, MTT Coach offers you 4 different hands to either Push or Fold.

MTT Coach always tailors question difficulty to your progress and current skill level. What is the question difficulty? The closer a hand gets to the borderline where the Push EV and Fold EV are both approaching zero, the more difficult it is to decide between them.

In the answer analysis mode, MTT Coach reveals the optimal plays for each of the 4 hands. It also shows you the hero’s entire push range and your opponent’s push range for calling an all-in.

MTT Coach Comprehensively analyzes and develops your Push/Fold skills to help you compete in tournaments like SNG, MTTSNG, MTT, Heads UP, Spin & Go, Fifty 50, and others.

Always firm but fair, MTT Coach could give some real coaches a head start:

  • You are able to concentrate on nothing but learning as the Coach adapts the workload to your current skill level, ensuring the best learning pace for you.

  • It reveals your strengths and weaknesses, highlighting the areas that need improvement the most for an immediate positive impact on your Push/Fold strategy.

  • It provides an unbiased assessment of your learning progress, also comparing it to that of other leading players worldwide.

MTT Coach trains your skills in different Push/Fold contexts, based on:

  • How many players are left at the table.

  • The relative stack size: small, average, or large.

  • The situation: open push or calling an all-in.

How quickly you will chase the highest level of your skills depends on the way you learn. You can study in real games with or without a coach, but the process will go much faster and will be more efficient if you train with the smart push-or-fold machine without the risk of losing anything and having enough time for thinking.

Learn more details in the article "Pump up your push/fold muscles the smart way"

ICMIZER SNG Coach Mobile addon requires an account with a PRO subscription. If you have a BASIC subscription then you need to upgrade your subscription to PRO first.

In each quiz, your skills are put to the test as you make the same kinds of decisions you would at a real table. Firm but fair, MTT Coach could give a head start to many real coaches!

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