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What Tools are Included in ICMIZER Suite and Who Needs Them?
What Tools are Included in ICMIZER Suite and Who Needs Them?
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ICMIZER 3 contains three tools for poker tournament players that will help you to improve the effectiveness of your game.

  • ICMIZER is a powerful poker calculator. It helps to find the right solution for SNG and MTT tournaments with an improved interface. Learn more about ICMIZER.

  • MTT Coach is the personal push-or-fold trainer. It helps to pump your push-or-fold skills up quickly and efficiently. Available 24/7. Learn more about MTT Coach.

  • Replayer is the hands player with easy navigation and the ability to instantly send deals to the preflop calculator and track the change of equity through the streets. Learn more about the Replayer.

All the ICMIZER 3 tools (ICMIZER, Replayer, MTT Coach) are intended for players of any tournament types: SNG, MTT, MTTSNG, HUSNG, Spin & Go, Fifty 50.

ICMIZER 3 can be used to analyze the push-or-fold strategy in a cash game, but you have to enter the hands manually because we don’t support loading of text distributions from cash games at this time.

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See reviews of tournament players to find out why they choose ICMIZER 3 and how they use it.

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