What exactly is included in this bundle?

This bundle includes a yearly subscription for desktop ICMIZER PRO version (which includes ICMIZER, Replayer, and SNG Coach) plus a yearly add-on Mobile SNG Coach.

With that, you can answer 120 daily desktop questions + 120 daily mobile questions in the mobile version of ICMIZER SNG Coach.

Will I get access to iOS Sng Coach, Android or both with this bundle?

The mobile addon is not OS-specific, so you can take advantage of ICMIZER SNG Coach mobile on both mobile platforms.

How did you arrive at the displayed price of $255.87 and 22% discount?

This bundle includes yearly PRO subscription ($159.99$ value) plus twelve months of SNG Coach Mobile Addon ($7.99 × 12) which equals $255.87.

We offer it just for $199.99, so you save $55.88.

Where can I purchase the bundle?

It can be found on the desktop purchase page here: http://www.icmpoker.com/en/purchase/

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