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Is it Possible to Get Coached by Valentin 'Q' Kuzub and What is the Price?
Is it Possible to Get Coached by Valentin 'Q' Kuzub and What is the Price?
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I am is usually extremely busy working on ICMIZER business and rarely have time during the week for coaching.

So while I wish to be able to help those who are ready to get coached, it is simply not always possible.

I believe a great coach should be available for the students and work at the convenient hours for them. Unfortunately, with this offer, it won't be the case. If we agree on a coaching session it will have to be squeezed into my tight schedule and the time may not be optimal for the student.

Sometimes when we are releasing new stuff or for some reasons the schedule is so insane I could be unable to coach for a week or even more after the request.

The price is 250$/hour and it will have to be paid in advance. It is set rather high so we have the equilibrium between the demand and the cost of me spending time not directly on ICMIZER business.

I have a lot of coaching hours and experience under my belt, the biggest coaching story would be me and my legendary student bettinglife in 2012 where he made SNE on PokerStars after we started at 7$ stakes and made more than $100k that year. You can learn more about our experience here:

However, full disclaimer here, I didn't play any tournament poker online since then. So while I still can help with some aspects of the game like discipline and structure, for maximum efficiency the main focus of such session should be the details of applying ICM/FGS and using ICMIZER to review your games efficiently, because if you need a more generic poker coaching you can certainly find a cheaper and more available tournament poker coach.

On the other hand, if you wish to learn ICMIZER on expert level, you won't find anyone who can assist you with it better. That is basically why the whole offer exists, I want to give such opportunity to the true students of the game, and I definitely do not plan to have many coaching sessions.

If you're interested, send a request about coaching to [email protected] and I'll see what I can do.

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