ICMIZER NITRO addon requires an account with a PRO subscription. If you have a BASIC subscription then you need to upgrade your subscription to PRO first. If you are a new user please check our special offers for bundles which include ICMIZER NITRO addon.

To purchase ICMIZER NITRO addon, you need to:

1. Open ICMIZER application or log in to your account and go to the page of ICMIZER web application.

2. In the upper menu of ICMIZER 3, open the "Subscription" menu:

3. Click on the "Purchase" button located at the right side near ICMIZER NITRO section:

Click on "Buy ICMIZER NITRO addon":

You will be automatically redirected to the website of the payment system FastSpring.

5. Enter your registration data: First and Last Name, Email Address:

6. Pick out the preferred payment option: Credit Card or PayPal:

7. If you choose to pay by Credit Card, enter its details and click "Complete order". If you choose to pay with PayPal, click "Next →" and you will be automatically redirected to PayPal's website to complete your payment.

8. After the payment is made and processed, you will receive a confirmation email. Purchasing addons doesn't require the activating key procedure. After receiving the email, you can start improving your game with increased speed of ICMIZER calculations and automatic hand analysis.

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